Matt on the Temporal Trek Podcast (again!) with Paul Wright

Matt isn’t worrying Dave at all by appearing – for a second time – as a guest on the Temporal Trek Podcast (honest). This time host Dan Hitch also has Paul Wright from the brilliant Epsilon Three Podcast which explores Babylon 5 and the broad-spectrum Cosmic Pizza Podcast.

Dan’s Temporal Trek Podcast is an endeavour to do a full rewatch of the Star Trek franchise in complete chronological historical order, and now he’s on the first season of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.

Check out Dan, Paul, and Matt as they explore “Shuttlepod One”. During a shuttlepod mission away from the Enterprise, Commander Tucker and Lieutenant Reed believe they are lost in space! It’s one of Matt’s favourite episodes, and the others love it too for its focus on character development.

If you want to hear three Star Trek aficionados diving deep into the action of the show, and connecting up storylines, exploring tropes, American representations of Britishness, and having a great time – check this out!

Listen to Temporal Trek – “Shuttlepod One ” with Matt (philoscifiz) and Paul (Epsilon Three and Cosmic Pizza Podcasts)

And check out the Epsilon Three Podcast and the Cosmic Pizza Podcast as well!