on-screen sci-fi & philosophy podcast with Matt and Dave
episodes released on Saturdays (UK daytime)
three seasons of six episodes a year (spring, summer, autumn) + the odd special!

Matthew J. Barnard is a lecturer and author in philosophy. He teaches at Manchester Metropolitan University, is a member of the Executive Committee of the British Society for Phenomenology, and is the founder and editor of their podcast. Matt’s research focuses on Post-Kantian philosophy, with a special interest in Kant, Bergson, and Heidegger.

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David Deamer is a writer whose research focuses upon cinema, culture, and philosophy. He is the author of Deleuze’s Cinema Books: Three Introductions to the Taxonomy of Images (2016); and Deleuze, Japanese Cinema and the Atom Bomb: The Spectre of Impossibility (2014). Dave was a lecturer in film theory at Manchester Metropolitan University for some 15 years, and now heads up engagement for the British Society for Phenomenology.

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