Jeff Gomez – transmedia pioneer and CEO of Starlight Runner – invites Matt and Dave on a collective journey toward first contact with aliens. Along the way we encounter Nietzsche’s love of fate and an ungrounding of mathematics as a universal language. Yet the true ‘beauty of Arrival’ – for Jeff – is how Louise ‘understands something fundamental’, that ‘to know others is to perceive the world differently’, as a collective journey. And so concludes our second season.

Released 5 June 2021 | 40 mins

SEASON 2 : SPRING 2021 > EPISODE 12 : ARRIVAL (2016)


Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner, is one of the world’s leading experts in story and narrative design. He works with executives, visionaries, and global leaders to maximize the effectiveness of brand narratives, develop vast fictional story worlds, and produce highly successful transmedia franchises.

In entertainment, Jeff has teamed with top creators on such properties as Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Magic: The Gathering, and Spider-Man. He has also written and co-produced hit comic books and graphic novels, video games, animated series, and virtual productions. Currently, Jeff is serving as a producer on the global rollout of the Ultraman franchise from Tsuburaya Productions.

As a game designer, Jeff has worked on the Halo, Splinter Cell, Need for Speed, and Turok franchises. In the corporate space, Jeff’s brand strategy model Collective Journey has propelled campaigns by Coca-Cola (Happiness Factory), Campbell’s (Pepperidge Farm Goldfish) and Nike (Be Human) to worldwide success.

In the government and NGO space, Gomez has also applied Collective Journey modality to geopolitical endeavors, social good, and transmedia population activations in Afghanistan, Mexico, Columbia, Australia, Canada, and the United States.