500 downloads of the philoscifiz podcast

We just hit our first big milestone in establishing our new philoscifiz podcast – 500 downloads!

Thank you to everyone who has listened to an episode, and massive thanks to those who then come back for more!!!

So with a couple of seasons of six episodes out, we thought it might be nice to reflect on our favourite episodes so far. Before that, here are the three most popular episodes by download:

philoscifiz top three:
> Back to the Future Part II (1989) [Episode 1]
> Arrival (2016) – with special guest Jeff Gomez [Episode 12]
> Krull (1983) [Episode 6]

Matt’s top three (in no particular order):
> Things to Come (1936) [Episode 4]
> Arrival (2016) – with special guest Jeff Gomez [Episode 12]
> The Black Hole (1979) [Episode 8]

Dave’s top three (in order of release):
> Silent Running (1972) [Episode 5]
> Fantastic Voyage (1966) [Episode 9]
> Arrival (2016) – with special guest Jeff Gomez [Episode 12]

So, looks like if you wanna hear us at our best, start with the last episode so far: Arrival! Of course, one of the reasons that episode is so special is due to us having our first guest join us on the show – Jeff Gomez, transmedia pioneer and CEO of Starlight Runner.

We are now gearing up to record season three of the philoscifiz podcast. So – that’s six more episodes of on-screen sci-fi explored through philosophy. Expect the first episode of season three late September 2021. Until then, you can check out seasons one and two here on our website or your favourite podcast apps…